Our sessions are ran the same way as the dinner table, we're not leaving until everyone smiles and plays nice with each other.

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states we've visited

For us, family comes first. It's our main inspiration for this journey we're on, and we absolutely love connecting with others who share the same outlook on life. We want you to showcase your family the way they are. Embrace this time everyones life, remember it, capture it, and relive it! 

I have such a hard time believing I was a blonde! Trust me that was not my natural hair color! Honestly, I'm not sure what is my natural hair color. But I haven't dyed it in years, but this kinda red, kinda brown crap isn't recognizable either. Ok - I just had a "squirrel" moment. 


kids between the two of us - I love being a bonus mom!


time we've lost our passports
(it was Kristin, and found in a garbage can)


years we've been together. We met ONLINE PLAYING MMO war GAMES (evony). MY ARMY WAS BIGGER.



Capturing the everyday moments in a beautiful way. 

Family sessions tell an honest story of your family, there are always a few "posed" and "look here and smile" images. The best real, authentic moments happen when just playing and loving on your kids! Is there an activity or game your family loves at this point in your lives? Bring it! Capture the authenticity of now, so you can look back on it later. 

Family sessions start at $350


Ready, set graduate! 

You have been preparing for this moment for 18 years! When your senior was first born you probably wore out the fridge with images, but slowly the awkward years set in and the images taken dwindled. Graduation is that finishing moment, showing the world the journey you have been on. This is truly a moment worth photographing. 

Senior portrait sessions start at $450


Who are you? The world of Branding

In the competitive world of business, it is imperative to create a personality of the company as well as the employees. The best way to do this, branding! You want, no NEED, to be in the hearts and minds of your customers, demonstrating a personal side of the business creating a connection with customers.  Branding packages have two options, headshots and branding or headshots only. 

Headshots start at $75



Are you ready to share your families with us?