BRICKS photography started out as KCole Studios in 2002 and was located in Waitsburg, Washington. Shortly after beginning her career Kristin was hired to complete a historic preservation project in the state of Washington, and then a historic bridge project in Oregon, focusing on historic brick patterns.. Hence, Bricks Photography was born. I have been primarily  shooting weddings since 2004 and made photography my full time love in 2019. 
So as you might be guessing by reading this, I'm a little quirky, but a fun kind of quirky. I'm the one who meets her husband in an online war game - I won that match (and even more than the game), and moved to South Dakota from Washington state in 2010. But my quirky self is also one who sees a bunch of weeds in a parking lot and get a shot that ends up becoming your favorite.


a little bit about

You love images that` are deeply romantic, inspired by old world charm, anything timeless in design and style. Think rich textures, florals with greenery for days, natural light reminiscent of prairie sunsets - true to life but bold colors. You are down to earth, you may or may not like being in front of the camera, but you are open and willing to trust us. 
This is what we do, photograph real people, using real & bold colors, creating traditional pieces with a timeless element and a new modern flair that takes things over the top. 

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